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<B>c1840s - Small Table Roulette Board 1840
c1840s - Small Table Roulette Board
Stock #: GAM010
Our Price:  £475.00
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c1820 Roly-Poly English Roulette Game, made in England also known as Roulet (England) Boule (France)
This item is a small Roly-Poly table measuring 4.25 inches by 8.75 inches and 1.75 inches high.
Roly-Poly was an early gambling game not unlike roulette that was banned in England during the reign of George II (1727 –1760).
This board is similar to roulette wheel with a circular spinable wheel and the numbers 1 – 24 around the sides, with a small indent associated with each
The same numbers appear on the board, presumably where bets were placed. It appears to be probaly a traveling board as being a banned game it was likely to be played in strange places ie graveyards (reference Lackburn Cathedral Precinct, Blackburn, Archaeological Evaluation And Watching Brief Report) who suggested that counters were needed for the square, presumably as betting tokens
This item has a lift up section on one side where counters could be kept - the other example we have seen did not have this feature.

Roly-Poly - Condition - This item is in very good condition - there is a hole on the circle but it looks made not damaged

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